WiT Month Translators' Recommended Reads List

Without further ado, here is the Women in Translation (WiT) Month Translators’ Recommendations list! Each and every one of the 147 recommendations was recommended by a translator and written and/or translated by a person who identifies as a woman. My heartiest thanks to Alex Zucker, from whom I borrowed the idea in the first place, and to each and every one of the translators who took the time to contribute to this!

These 147 recommendations come from 33 languages and (roughly) 60 places around the world. Many of them include personalized recommendations; all of them look (I think, at least) utterly fascinating.

(Please note that while I made every effort to reach out to translators working from a wide spectrum of languages and through various networks and means of contact, I’m in no way saying that this is a comprehensive list of every good book that has been written and/or translated by a woman. I also made my best effort at filling in information gaps, but it's likely there are still some mistakes in here; if you see errors in spelling/information, these are likely my own.)

The idea in compiling this list was to be able to disseminate it widely, so please: take it to your favorite bookstore and/or your local library branch and encourage them to make a WiT display. You can also send it to anyone looking for something good to read!

Here's the link that should allow you to access/download the spreadsheet from GoogleDrive. I can also send anyone who wants it an XL file.